Send a Little Song My Way


“In the vibrant realm of music, it’s a rare gem that emerges, resonating deeply with the soul and embodying the pinnacle of artistic expression. Darien Martus’s latest release, “Send a Little Song My Way,” gracefully achieves this feat, weaving a tapestry of soul-stirring melodies and profound lyrical narratives.

From the very onset, “Send a Little Song My Way” envelops its audience in a comforting embrace of acoustic brilliance. Martus’s vocals, a delicate fusion of tenderness and resilience, effortlessly carry the tune, showcasing his remarkable vocal finesse. The song’s arrangement, though elegantly simple, exudes sophistication, allowing the lyrics to shine brightly amidst a backdrop of gentle, humming melodies, fostering an intimate ambiance that feels both personal and universally resonant.

The true allure of “Send a Little Song My Way” lies in its ability to evoke emotion with subtlety and finesse. Martus’s masterful songwriting prowess shines through, crafting a narrative that is as evocative as it is relatable. Each strum of the guitar serves as a foundation upon which layers of nuanced harmonies are delicately woven, enriching the song’s sonic landscape with depth and texture.

Already, discerning listeners have begun to recognize the singular charm of this track. Reviews effuse praise for its “uplifting mood and exquisite performance,” highlighting its ability to uplift and comfort. With its availability across platforms like YouTube and Spotify, “Send a Little Song My Way” promises to enchant audiences worldwide, inviting them into the enchanting world of Darien Martus’s musical tapestry.

In essence, “Send a Little Song My Way” stands as a testament to Darien Martus’s boundless talent as both a musician and a storyteller. It beckons listeners to pause, reflect, and find solace in the profound beauty of music. With its captivating melody and poignant lyrics, this single is poised to carve out a cherished space within Martus’s illustrious discography, captivating the hearts of discerning music enthusiasts everywhere.”

Independent Spirits 

“Beautiful song!” Ze Rock Porto

“Beautiful work and vibes” Awake

“light mood and beautiful performance” Andre Ladaniwski

"a beautiful song, performed by a voice full of expressiveness” Caoba Records

"Beautiful melody that is exceptionally catchy” cedar_swamp

"The rich mix of instrumental accompaniments creates a compelling backdrop” Neon Music

“The instrumentals of the track stand out, offering a cool and engaging experience. The vocalist brings a unique voice to the table, showcasing clexar talent and a distinct sound”.                Unique Playlists

"Hey there Darien :) The breezy light flow of the melodies is just so beautiful to listen to. The production has such a brilliant cozy feel to it which I love. I really love the subtle warmth you've added to it as well :) F Sharp Minor

"Such a great song, and beautiful instrumental” Aesthetic Playlist

"Hello, thank you very much for your time. The artist's impressive vocal performance added excitement to the song” Kültür Müzik

"The slow and gentle percussions rolling in the backdrop with the emotional strings form a great accompaniment to the sincere vocals” a song in life

"Really great guitar work here. Visuals are nice as well! Fresh Ground Indie

"It’s a pleasure to listen to his latest single, and this time it brings a touch of soulful folk acoustic and feels warm through his soft vocals. ParaPOP

"The song is a serene folk ballad with its organic instrumentation of fingerpicked guitar and gentle beat” TECO APPLE

"Hey! A unique and smooth track. The lyrics are well written and the flow is catchy” Sinusoidal Music

"It's a meaningful track for sure. The lyrics are honest and have some punchy lines which the gruff vocals really put emotions into.” Renforshort

"A sensitive and authentic performance straight from the heart of America's storytelling tradition” Unrecorded

"The artist managed each melodic element with a high-level vocal performance” Kiraz Müzik

"Hi there! The arrangements are so well written and played, very well done with the whole mood, so intense and evocative” Gabriele Catoni

"Hi Darien, this is a lovely laid back track with expressive percussion contrasting with the warm, sincere vocals. A lovely meditative style.”            Zoe Konez

"You have a great voice. Really love the feel of the song.” Music On The Rox

“The deep tone of the arrangement together with the soaring vocal quality and melody…Great work!” Sound Safari

"Hey Darien! I enjoyed your smooth vocals during the versus and quite liked the bass that started at 0:31. I liked the uplifting lyrics as well...I find music to be a truly universal language and I feel this song definitely encompasses that. Great job!”

Lovely Day

Little House Down


“Darien Martus’s “Little House Down” is a compelling song that delves into the theme of fear. In this song, Martus explores the concept of personifying our fears as mythical characters. The lyrics reflect how we often tend to self-sabotage by succumbing to our fears and then shifting blame onto these imagined figures, rather than holding ourselves accountable for our own actions and choices. This powerful song encourages listeners to confront their fears, take ownership of their decisions, and ultimately overcome the self-destructive patterns that can result from fear.” Visual Atelier 8

"This track rocks!!!” C-Bass Music

“a great performance and real lyrics…The video clip is awesome” Hasta La Vista

“a great hook that grabbed my attention right from the start.” Half Hour With Jeff and Ritchie

“the beat sounds amazing” notsfeelings

“…an interesting instrumental line, which in an intriguing way changes throughout the song creating a cool atmosphere…a very cool mesmerizing vocal performance. Atmospheric music video. Overall the song is beautiful” Roma Music

“Beautiful work here” Awake Music

“Well-crafted melody with top-notch instrumentation” natiii

“This song wonderfully encapsulates thoughtful original songwriting. The heartfelt and unique vocal performance resonates well, and the production quality, complemented by a well-executed mix and master, elevates the overall listening experience.” Nors Kode

“Interesting track and video with a cool driving piano” B-Side Guys

“Super catchy, beautiful tune.” Larsen Blake

“From unexpected instrumental breaks to the fusion of genres, it's a testament to out-of-the-box thinking.” Mood Playlisting

“very sophisticated arrangement, harmonies and composition without a doubt, the musicianship behind this track is amazing, hats off! :-)” Playlist Subs

“This is such a new unique and brilliant production. I absolutely love the quirky art direction on the video, it was so on point with the vocals and production.” F Sharp Minor

Nothin’ Out There


"Drum/bass sparseness proves grippingly atmospheric amidst hushed vocal feeling, reminding of Erasure,” Obscure Sound

“a super fresh sound”. End Sessions

“a great example of a good mix between alt-pop and electronica” Oleada Indie

"The video for 'Nothin Out There' looks great!” Indie Playlists

"Hey, Darien! Great beat, very catchy and nostalgic. I liked the melody also and the cool way in which you sing. As usual, your videos are so cool!” Pep Garcia

"Thanks for sharing your new single with me. I enjoyed the impressive arrangement with the strategic build-ups and impactful climaxes. I also thought the elements you brought into the chorus were super catchy.” Half Hour With Jeff and Ritchie

“This track is cool, instrumentals are rhythmic and balanced, cool and exciting atmosphere, amusing lyrics, the artist is creative.” Greesha Music

“super experimental and interesting” Music and Fashion Blog

“a cool music video and the vocals are distinctive” Keep Walking Music

“A dynamic and powerful Beat is the one that welcomes us in Nothin Out There, the new musical single from Darién Martus. A dynamic and powerful song of indie pop and dream pop where we highlight the deep and expressive voice of the singer” Plan Arteria

“The production is notably polished, and the overall mix and mastering have been executed with finesse. It's refreshing to hear such originality in a track” Nors Kode

“A beautifully crafted and elaborate music track with an original sound. I liked the vocals, simple and unobtrusive and a pleasure to listen to” Anton Panasuik

“Hey thanks for sharing! I must say, your track is incredibly interesting! From the very first note, it grabbed my attention and kept me engaged throughout.” Helium

“The use of synths adds a bright, lush note to the whole song. The melody has nice pulsating beats and pleasant refreshing atmosphere. The voice is profound and romantic” Natasha Koskovetska

“Energetic and fun!” Lena K

“What a beautiful song. Your vocals are phenomenal, i loved listening to them. I also like the way the vocals are super soothing and the melody is a bit more futuristic, very nice combination” Hanne

“You have a cool little intriguing beginning of the song, I like your vibe music line, which changes throughout the song in a cool way, everything is recorded in a cool and balanced way. You have a nice charismatic voice and mesmerizing way of performing. Cool music video. Overall the song is cool and has a unique sound.” Roma Music

"Nothin Out There is an emotionally charged track from Darien Martus featuring waves of whirling synth, a super punchy drum machine backbone and a steady bass low end. A solid lead vocal performance. Immersive, personal lyricism. Soaring melody lines. Catchy sing along hooks. Push and pull to the energy/arrangement. A clean mix/master.” Music on the Moon

“There is nothing out there that sounds like it” Banger of the Day

“Hey Darien! The clip is super psych, I like the light. I think your flow is super dark and interesting.” The Daily Dose

“El músico y compositor estadounidense Darien Martus comparte el sencillo «Nothin Out There», esta canción es una exploración alegre, energética y romántica que se desarrolla dentro de estilos como Indie Pop, Dream Pop y Alt Pop, esta canción destaca por el lugar protagónico que la voz y la palabra tienen dentro de este universo musical, dialogando con elementos electrónicos expresivos y una base rítmica fuerte contagia su energía, «Nothin Out There» es una pista energética y dinámica con una una exploración fresca donde un alma rock dialoga de forma fluida con el pop la electrónica discreta.” Global Tunes

Hold Me Tonight

Live at Sunset Sound

Darien Martus’ ‘Hold Me Tonight’ is an ideal, sonic hug to all those “tortured souls”; A song straight from the heart about love in the hardness of life, recorded live at the legendary Sunset Sound. An “adorable” Darien Martus!” Last Day Deaf 

Calling to us through the ages, ‘Rockaxeon’ is epic in the truest meaning of the word. A operatic rock poem about rocks, it smashes through any preconception you might have with prehistoric might and harder than granite riffs. Vocally, it is gorgeously performed with the passion and emotive energy of the pen and creativity that went into it. Martus has a magnificent range and he easily navigates from the soft and soulful to a powerful growling belt. The song has a truly mesmeric progression, beginning as a spacey surreal art rock jam and slowly diving into more operatic territory before coming out the other side full frenzy with psychedelic rock power. There is no point where what you’re listening feels disconnected from the last, the pace and movement is seamless. Yet the scope of it when you look back is as collosal and timeless as the narrative of the piece itself. With all of this you might expect it to be impossible for such a piece of high concept art to have a hook or chorus but again you’d be wrong. Crafted by skilled hands and formed from the Earth itself the swell of the chanting main refrain is dizzying and mesmeric. The intricate instrumentation, beautiful build, perfect production, and bard like storytelling make for a track that truly does defy the centuries. It is timeless. This is a masterful talent and the heart that has gone into the project is only matched by the prodigious skill. ” - Matt Miles

Yack Magazine

Evolution of the Mind by Darien Martus

A Ballad Coming From a Better Future

From Idyllwild, California, Darien Martus devised a sonic creation atypical for the likes of 2022. And yet, Evolution of the Mind is as much of a whimsical ballad interpretation of the future as it is heavy pondering on the wrong trajectory we’re taking in the present moment as humans on a collective scale.

Evolution of the Mind” is a song from later in the rock epic poem, Rockaxeon, my 70-minute album that is based on science and the 1998 discovery of “Excalibur” in Atapuerca, Spain. The song speaks of a time when humans have evolved and learned to “care” for each other without “having any war and find another way”. I also wanted the song to have an understanding point of view; that this type of evolution takes place in the mind and “takes time”. It probably seems obvious that I released this single in hopes that listeners might seek out the larger work, Rockaxeon, in order to appreciate the song’s context,” shares the singer, songwriter Darien Martus exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.


“Struck by the somber guitar, the air is filled with melancholy and fairytale vibes. What’s it take to think outside the box/ To run on different clocks/ And know that it’s ok/ Hey? sings Darien Martus with a soft voice and heartwarming demeanor. The guitar paces itself to accompany the songwriter in his ethereal delivery and angel-like approach to discussing rather heavy, existential matters with the audience via the questions posed in the narrative. What’s it take to try to change again/ And see beyond the end/ To find another way?

Evolution of the mind/ Takes time, takes time, lands the very curt and monumental chorus. Albeit swift, the hook section does take on a more melodic tone than the verses.

So give it all a break/ It takes what it will take/ Some things can’t be forced/ To mutate, with the last word we hear the arrival of some heavier kicks and a light snare. An organ-like synth is added to the mixture rendering the sonic frame that of an intergalactic reunion between the leaders of the stars. This is sincerely enthralling and mesmerizing for Darien Martus delves into the subject at hand without hesitation or regard for current music trends. Such a courageous and acoustically unique accomplishment!

Living on a thousand years or more/ Not having any war/ And find another way/ …/ And there’s a future there/ For ones who learn to care, discloses the songwriter his futuristic vision of humanity’s ascension to a more spiritual state in which harmony and compassion lead the moral compass of societies across the globe. None of us will be around for it but it sure is nice hearing it depicted with so much soul and musical excellency from a voice and talent such as Darien Martus’.

The tranquil, almost romantic ending of Evolution of the Mind reiterates the need of time doing its thing and mental changes spanning over many, many, many years. The song, from start to end, appears as a whisper meant to speak to your soul and guide you with hope and dreamy music to a progressively different world waiting for us in the distant future. But if we can see it, we will create it.”

Song Credits: Darien Martus – Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Vocal and Sound Engineer, Guitar and Synth Player; Paul Johannes – Flute, Alto, Tenor, and Soprano Saxophones, Keyboards; Lorenzo Von Hofler II – Bass Player; Peter May – Drums and Percussion; Dan O’Connor – Lead Guitars, Acoustic Guitars; Dave Marshall – Mastering Engineer.

“All that you need to understand and understand what is happening in the world is in the dramatic lines of the new song -Darien Martus-. Here is the main emphasis on the manner of execution and the general atmospheric tone of the narrative. A deep track that says the most important things of our reality.””