“Africa” by Darien Martus is a captivating rock anthem with an imaginative concept, painted with vivid and mysterious lyrics. Starting out simply with acoustic guitar and a lead vocal, the track transforms from a moody ballad to theatrical rock, combining an eclectic range of sounds and influences. From layers of chanting background vocals to a raging saxophone solo, there are plenty of surprising moments musically that add to the arrangement’s eccentricity and depth.


Instead of aiming for a conventional build up, the presence of each instrument clearly comes from an intentional choice—allowing the lyrics to speak louder in certain parts, or to fade into the background, contributing to the bigger picture. Martus has the voice of a wise storyteller, and his bold vocals add character to the song—an element that’s irreplaceable.

His lyrics beautifully bring nature and history to life. “Great beasts can roam the ocean, birds fly to the southern skies.” He creatively writes from the perspective of a man who’s one of the first to exist: “walking alone with the sound of my feet with this beautiful stone, I can build, I can sleep.”


Memorable and flowing with imagination, the songwriting of “Africa” is carefully thought out and blossoms through its intricate instrumentation. Its ambiance and detailed imagery transports you into the story’s world.” Saya Mochizuki and Staff, Please Pass the Indie

The American musician Darien Martus, released on the 1st of October, his newest studio album, entitled “Rockaxeon”. Featuring an elegant and high quality Progressive Rock, the work features 7 songs in about 70 minutes, with great emphasis on the great title track and “Africa”. ” - Liandro Vianna

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Africa is one of those songs that remain inside our lives, like memories that will never disappear when we touch our heart or the memories that we have inside. The patience of this work encourages us to enjoy each moment as the best of all, as if it were the peak of our reflections. All this, thanks to the very direct and decisive voice of the artist, who takes us to a perfect space of peace. This song is purity. It is the honesty you are looking for.”

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Hold Me Tonight Review

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“A gentle and flowing arpeggiated piano surrounded by ambient strings opens Darien Martus' indie-pop song, "Hold Me Tonight." Martus wrote, produced, and recorded the song as a solo artist.


In the beginning, the musical landscape is contemplative. Martus enters singing, "Life is hard / Or did you know / It’s not a fairytale / Love can hurt / Or it can heal." Martus' vocal performance is intimate and stirring. With a rich tone, Martus' baritone voice is expressive, filled with nuance and character. similar to artists like Leonard Cohen.


As the song moves forward, it opens up (to the ear's surprise) with an electronic backbeat that takes the tempo from pensive to upbeat and hopeful. The electrifying track moves through your veins like a pop song you can dance to with an expansive sound that is easy to get lost in. Soon a clap track arrives and the transition from a melancholy ballad to energetic mid-tempo EDM-indie-pop piece is fully realized.


Lyrically, "Hold Me Tonight" is poetic. Martus utilizes contrast, both musically and lyrically, to bring out the harshness of a cold world and the warmth of love which is "our only hope." "It can be hard and cold Love alone Our only hope Our only fairytale."

At the end of the song, Martus returns once more to the soft, ballad presentation heard in the beginning. His arrangement, full of color. texture, dynamics, and surprising transitions, locks the ear in from the beginning to the end. Simply put, it's mesmerizing on multiple levels.


Darien Martus' "Hold Me Tonight" is a very-well-conceived and performed indie-pop song. Utilizing a suitcase full of musicality, the song is untraditional, yet it yields a timeless feel. The subject matter captures both despair and hope in a way that gets under your skin and is truly unforgettable.“

Love in the Apocalypse Review

From the moment Darien sings his first note, you will get shivers down your spine and a lump in your throat.  He evokes gentle tenderness, passionate angst, and raw emotion with vocal refinement...Darien’s lyrical genius takes center stage and it wouldn’t surprise me he earns some lyric writing awards.  He is a songwriter and a poet who shows no fear.  He is not afraid to use multiple genres if it suits the song.  He is not afraid to let his voice quiver if it yields raw emotion.  He is not afraid to wear his musical emotions on his sleeve.  The result of this songwriting bravery is incredibly refreshing and engaging. “Wandering aimless, I know I ain't blameless. I've just come to tame this thing called life. Suddenly I'm sure I am shameless. Hit me with the light.”...Whether Darien’s songs are about exploring our ability to love and heal or a metaphor for what humanity has lost in a world filled with turmoil, Darien shows us—through emotionally packed music and lyrics—that we can still feel and we can feel deeply and it is our emotion, uncovered and revealed in his songs, that will save us.” - Bryon Harris

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“Martus creates from his own history and musical integrity, and does not fashion his music to fit current trends. “If I’m doing my own thing as an independent producer, why not do my own thing?” he stressed.”” - Marshall Smith

Idyllwild Town Crier is eerily perceptible is the ways that we're so much alike...when it comes to the things we tote around each day, and what these mundane items say about who we are...The slate of 14 songs range from quirky to thoughtful and evocative...witty...loving..."  Stage Raw re: Pockets” - Lovell Estell III

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Striking original music”

— Los Angeles Times

A wonderful musician”

— Drama Logue

Darien Martus' tracks, ranging in tenor from funk to balladry to patter are a major plus." ("Some Love")”