Nothin’ Out There

“There is nothing out there that sounds like it” Banger of the Day

“a super fresh sound”. End Sessions

“super experimental and interesting” Music and Fashion Blog

Hold Me Tonight (Live at Sunset Sound)

Out 10/7/22

Darien Martus’ ‘Hold Me Tonight’ is an ideal, sonic hug to all those “tortured souls”; A song straight from the heart about love in the hardness of life, recorded live at the legendary Sunset Sound. An “adorable” Darien Martus!”

Evolution of the Mind

July 1st, 2022

“A dreamy and smooth track” “Brilliant vocals” “A message for the world that is in crux”

Best Futuristic Song, Evolution of the Mind by Darien Martus. “Atypical for the likes of 2022 when most are focused on the grim and dark, Darien Martus went where nobody else had the courage to: in the future. Abiding by a conversational progression of the song’s message, Evolution Of The Mind ponders on heavy, existential matters while suavely and breezily hinting upon probable outcomes if only we got our sh*t together as humans.” Blue Rhymez Entertainment


The Single

Out 4/22/22

”This is a masterful talent and the heart that has gone into the project is only matched by the prodigious skill. ” - Matt Miles, Yack Magazine 

Africa: The Single


“Elegant and high quality progressive rock” Indie Cruillo

Hold Me Tonight

“Mesmerizing on multiple levels.” Please Pass the Indie