Themes of "SideTrip"

We are afraid.

We draw lines, separating imaginary spaces.

We create sides.

We draw boundaries and separate ourselves and the World into pieces. 

Into parts.

We move from place to place, thinking this changes us.

We are distinctly tribal.

We tell ourselves that we are finished with things that we can't end.

We divide our lives into days and years and forget the person we've always been.

We force ourselves and each other into permanent difference with indifference.

We imprison our minds in the past, unable to comprehend the incredible experience of life.

We drown our bodies in unnecessary food and numbing chemistry, determined to snuff them out.

We break bonds with others and constantly look for new ones, desperate to complete a contentment we've never known.


We erase the lines.

We are riveted in awe of space.

We undo the boundaries, bring the pieces together.

We see the true size of ourselves and are humbled beyond belief.

We connect the days, the years, and allow our unique and beautiful selves to emerge in true expression.

We blend with each other in the honest experience of this amazingly brief existence and are truly compassionate.

We allow our bodies the magnificent gift of health, free of unnecessary additives.

We see the unity between us and all of everything and the fear, the separation, disappear in a puff.

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