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Darien performs songs from throughout his career including how acclaimed 2018 album, Love in the Apocalypse 

Saturday, July 20, 2019. 6:30 PM

Higher Grounds Coffee Shop



Performing at Mile High Cafe, Idyllwild

I will be performing at Mile High Cafe on Sunday, August 6 @ 5:30-7:30 PM and also Saturday, August 12 and Sunday August 13 at 6 PM.  26600 Hwy 243, Idyllwild 92549. Reservations 951-659-2008.


Waldenwild CD Being Manufactured

How can someone spend 9 months writing, recording, cutting songs, re-recording, mixing, re-re-recording, cutting more songs, doing day-long photo shoots, designing cover art, mixing, sending out demos for comments, sitting with a studio engineer listening to all the tracks, taking…


Waldenwild in Mixing

My new album project, Waldenwild, is a solo guitar/vocal collection of 19 songs, all with words taken directly from Henry David Thoreau's Walden.  After working on this recording since September of last year, I am now in the final mixing…


getting closer...

still working on mixes for "side trip".  many things about this album are exciting to me, the melodies and lyrics, the vocals, the arrangements, really looking forward to release this summer.  in the interim, i have posted some live videos…


Editing and mixing

Into editing and mixing tracks for the new album, Side Trip.

Paul Johannes, life long friend and sax player, is contributing to one of the songs, "Something Comes Along" via WAV files he's recorded on Detroit.

Decided to pull up…


Themes of "SideTrip"

We are afraid.

We draw lines, separating imaginary spaces.

We create sides.

We draw boundaries and separate ourselves and the World into pieces. 

Into parts.

We move from place to place, thinking this changes us.

We are distinctly tribal.



New Tracks

Recording tracks in the shed for a new album, working title, "Side Trip".  Mostly fun stuff.  Definitely fun to write.  More about this soon.


The Year

2015 was a terrific year for my music!  More people all over the world are listening to my songs than ever before.  I've had some very successful live shows and a big response to live videos I've posted on YouTube…



3 new videos of my songs are now on YouTube and on my Facebook page:

1.  A song from a live performance of Pockets, "Out of Pocket", recorded at the Hudson Theatre in Hollywood on November 23, 2014.

2.  "The…