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"From the moment Darien sings his first note, you will get shivers down your spine and a lump in your throat.  He evokes gentle tenderness, passionate angst, and raw emotion with vocal refinement...Darien’s lyrical genius takes center stage and it wouldn’t surprise me he earns some lyric writing awards.  He is a songwriter and a poet who shows no fear.  He is not afraid to use multiple genres if it suits the song.  He is not afraid to let his voice quiver if it yields raw emotion.  He is not afraid to wear his musical emotions on his sleeve.  The result of this songwriting bravery is incredibly refreshing and engaging. “Wandering aimless, I know I ain't blameless. I've just come to tame this thing called life. Suddenly I'm sure I am shameless. Hit me with the light.”...Whether Darien’s songs are about exploring our ability to love and heal or a metaphor for what humanity has lost in a world filled with turmoil, Darien shows us—through emotionally packed music and lyrics—that we can still feel and we can feel deeply and it is our emotion, uncovered and revealed in his songs, that will save us."

“Martus creates from his own history and musical integrity, and does not fashion his music to fit current trends. “If I’m doing my own thing as an independent producer, why not do my own thing?” he stressed.”

" is eerily perceptible is the ways that we're so much alike...when it comes to the things we tote around each day, and what these mundane items say about who we are...The slate of 14 songs range from quirky to thoughtful and evocative...witty...loving..."  Stage Raw re: Pockets
"Striking original music"
"A wonderful musician"

"Darien Martus' tracks, ranging in tenor from funk to balladry to patter are a major plus." ("Some Love")

"Martus' pulsing rhythms and soaring melodies..."  (Homeless: a street opera)

Bay Area Drama Critics Award Best Musical Score "Some Love"

Desert Theatre League Award Best Original Musical "The Incredibly Awesome Pied Piper" 

University of Redlands SAI Composer's Award ("Iron John")

Oakland University Alumni Arts Achievement Award in Theatre

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'Love In The Apocalypse' by Darien Martus Is Acomplished Storytelling Come To Life

December 06, 2018

When you spend your days reviewing a LOT of music, when something special comes along it definitely stands out.  Darien Martus provides one such standout with his upcoming release Love In The Apocalypse, due out 12/14/18.  Before we talk about the album, let me tell you a little about this accomplished artist.

Darien Martus, ASCAP, is a voting member of The Recording Academy with two albums listed for Grammy consideration.  His album Pocketscharted #1 on Amazon Hot Releases in Folk Rock in 2014, with his subsequent album Waldenwild charting at #5 on Amazon Hot Releases in Folk Rock in 2017.  When I referred to Darien as accomplished, it may be a bit of an understatement.  He has a BA in Music from Oakland University, has worked in theatre, film and television and has achieved a Masters in Music at the University of Redlands.  He also has a long list of awards to his credit.  Darien has mastered his craft, and thankfully shares it with us on Love In The Apocalypse.

The heart of this album is in its storytelling.  Each track is emotional and beautifully written.  It's a record that touches on love, pain, betrayal, sadness, and even on the current and future state of the world we live in.  Vocally,  Darien has a great tone with a slight rasp and lots of power.  When you have someone that is a technically good vocalist you can lose a little bit in the translation emotionally.   This is not so in Darien's case.  Standout tracks for me are Waiting For The Rain and Un Rap.  I lean toward the emotional tracks, and these two definitely struck a chord with me.  Overall, Love In The Apocalypse is an impressive pop album with elements of folk storytelling.   I highly recommend it to our readers.