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Pockets Cabaret/Theatrical Production

A One-man, one-piano musical about pockets:  What we carry around in them all day and how that might give us clues as to what we do, what matters most to us, and maybe something about who we are.

Amazon #1 Hot New Release

" is eerily perceptible is the ways that we're so much alike...when it comes to the things we tote around each day, and what these mundane items say about who we are...The slate of 14 songs range from quirky to thoughtful and evocative...witty...loving..."  Stage Raw re: Pockets

"Funny AND deep!"  An Audience Member

6 week run at The Hudson Theatre Mainstage, Hollywood, CA, October-December, 2014.

Upcoming:  "Pockets" at The Idyllwild LIbrary, Idyllwild, CA., 1/15/19 at 6 PM.  Free. Limited seating.

Live Video of Hudson Theatre Production:

Studio Recording: