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So You See

Darien Martus
Music and Lyrics by Darien Martus, ASCAP


So You See You start out blind and you crawl through the childhood of time / believing it all You run feet bare up the stairs that you never come down / you don’t care if you fall Your eyes open wide you have dreams you can fly but you already know as you go / that something’s not right Your head hits the bed and you know that because you believed in it all / you believed then that night When they said you had sinned back before the beginning of time it started the guilt / it opened the shame It darkened your eyes and your dreams you could fly / it darkened your name So you started to act and you learned to pretend up end, inside out / falling in And you listened and strained and you traveled and changed / only fell further in So you see So you see With the pieces all scattered around and the new ones you’ve found / like your dreams are so far And you stand and you stare at the things that you thought that you knew and you wish that you cared but you don’t even know who you are And the time passes on and you follow along you can’t think anymore, you don’t look you don’t see what’s ahead You just do what you do and your act becomes you, one’s as good as the other / you’re as good as dead So you see So you see You end up blind and you crawl through the bottom of time, feet bare, you don’t care you don’t try to pretend And the thought hits your head then when everything’s said and everything’s gone, they were wrong, those were lies, you open your eyes, you have you back again So you see So you see