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Never Before

Darien Martus
Music and Lyrics by Darien Martus, ASCAP


Never Before Never before have I felt at such a loss for words Not to mention my mind Never before was I so totally insane Sometimes its serious pleasure Sometimes its serious pain But none of it’s coming together Let me start this again Never before have I felt like breaking out of my life And shaking with you Never have I been crazed like this before Sometimes I break out in laughter Sometimes I drop to the floor Sometimes I’ve felt this way after But never before Once upon a time I heard a fairytale That I might be a prince for you Maybe that one’s just a little scary, well, Maybe it’s true Never before has a sunrise been so beautiful And me so awake Never before has the moonlight seemed so pure Everything in me is whirling Hey, can I take anymore? I’d expect to feel this during But never before Back in the day there was a silver horse Mounted by a handsome white knight There is no way that could be me, of course, This time it might Never before have I walked on the beach at sunset And wanted to hold hands Never have I sung a song like this before I’ll guess I’ll have to surrender I don’t want to fight anymore I’ve known how love stories ended But never before I guess I’ve been this much in love But never before