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Inner Life Rising

Darien Martus
Music and Lyrics by Darien Martus, ASCAP


Inner Life Rising No candle under a bushel No buried head in the sand The earth is waking her children Consequence ruling the land No need to read revelations No need for prophets of doom Earthquakes remaking creation Tenderness conquering soon Conquering soon Doomsayers say it’s the end But this time they’re wrong Hearts and shadows are darkest Just before the dawn No ancient mysteries unfolding No fortunes left to be read A new kind of high wind is blowing Ignorance finally dead No magic tricks in the making No angels down from above The powerful oceans awaking And everywhere kindness and love Kindness and love The warlords are ready to fight And nations are torn Pangs for the earth and for mothers Moments before they’re born No tired ears that are hearing No blood shot eyes that can see But minds and the hurricanes clearing And rulers all fall to their knees Schools and the churches are tumbling Hypocrisy passes away All of the outer world crumbling And inner life rising to stay Rising to stay