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In Graffiti

Darien Martus
Music and Lyrics by Darien Martus, ASCAP


In Graffiti His name was L.J. Don’t know what it stood for His dad disappeared And his mom was a whore On the day that he asked If he could have a guitar She flipped off Oprah And went down to the bar In graffiti As L.J. leaves he Sprays the driveway long The runaway In black on grey “I just wanted to sing my song” They called her Kelly ‘Cause her color was green She lived to draw with her hand Not use the machine So it kept her in school But when the budgets were slashed The first thing to go Was her favorite class In graffiti Thirty feet she Painted through the night Green and glory All three stories “You can’t cut me out tonight” Maria loved the movies She would watch them all day So she took a drama class When she came to the States But they said, “You talk funny” With their angry slang So she dropped out of school Now she runs with a gang In graffiti ‘Cross the city Maria makes her mark She traded her name For a tag and fame Just like a movie star Todd was a dancer With the beat in his shoes Any kind of music He had all the right moves With the girls all over him One day he confessed ‘Though he liked them enough He had a crush on Jeff In graffiti With bare feet he Smeared it high and wide On the street side wall Of city hall “I guess I’ll dance on the other side”