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Not Alone Anymore Released

This album is a collection of recordings that I made early in my life and includes songs that many of you might recognize including, "Duel", "What Am I To Do", "California Nights", 10 songs in total. Most of these recordings were originally demos that were tossed around the LA music world while I nervously obsessed about what would happen to them! A few made it to somewhat dizzying heights but none have, to date, been recorded by anyone but figured it was time to set them loose. After assembling the album, I roped my friend and former student, Stefan Colson into remastering them; giving the songs a bigger, more present sound, without changing the original mixes. The result is "Not Alone Anymore" and the CD is now available at itunes, cdbaby,, and most other online music retailers. Of course, you also know that all the tracks, as well as much of my other recorded music, is available FREE to listen or download from my website, as well.