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Love in the Apocalypse Release Concert Event

Darien performs all of the songs from his album, Love in the Apocalypse 

Friday, December 14,2018

Higher Grounds Coffee House

Idyllwild, CA

6;30 PM

Waldenwild at Idyllwild Library

Performing at Mile High Cafe, Idyllwild

I will be performing at Mile High Cafe on Sunday, August 6 @ 5:30-7:30 PM and also Saturday, August 12 and Sunday August 13 at 6 PM.  26600 Hwy 243, Idyllwild 92549. Reservations 951-659-2008.

Waldenwild CD Being Manufactured

How can someone spend 9 months writing, recording, cutting songs, re-recording, mixing, re-re-recording, cutting more songs, doing day-long photo shoots, designing cover art, mixing, sending out demos for comments, sitting with a studio engineer listening to all the tracks, taking more comments, re-mixing the entire project with comments in mind, uploading tracks to the mastering lab, rejecting them, then approving them after some changes, uploading album art, paying for everything, and all this with a project that was supposed to be SIMPLE guitar/vocal settings of quotes from Thoreau's Walden? I'm either crazy or very committed to this album project, Waldenwild.  I will be announcing the release in a few days.

Waldenwild in Mixing

My new album project, Waldenwild, is a solo guitar/vocal collection of 19 songs, all with words taken directly from Henry David Thoreau's Walden.  After working on this recording since September of last year, I am now in the final mixing stage and plan to have it off to the mastering studio in the next couple of weeks.  It is so great to be working with these words of Thoreau's.  I have no doubt that they are so relevant to our society today.  

Grammy for Side Trip

getting closer...

still working on mixes for "side trip".  many things about this album are exciting to me, the melodies and lyrics, the vocals, the arrangements, really looking forward to release this summer.  in the interim, i have posted some live videos of a few of the songs on my youtube channel.  if you check them out, please let me know what you think, Ok?

Editing and mixing

Into editing and mixing tracks for the new album, Side Trip.

Paul Johannes, life long friend and sax player, is contributing to one of the songs, "Something Comes Along" via WAV files he's recorded on Detroit.

Decided to pull up an old love song I wrote in my 30s, "Take Over" and include a new version of it in this album.  Fun...=0).

Themes of "SideTrip"

We are afraid.

We draw lines, separating imaginary spaces.

We create sides.

We draw boundaries and separate ourselves and the World into pieces. 

Into parts.

We move from place to place, thinking this changes us.

We are distinctly tribal.

We tell ourselves that we are finished with things that we can't end.

We divide our lives into days and years and forget the person we've always been.

We force ourselves and each other into permanent difference with indifference.

We imprison our minds in the past, unable to comprehend the incredible experience of life.

We drown our bodies in unnecessary food and numbing chemistry, determined to snuff them out.

We break bonds with others and constantly look for new ones, desperate to complete a contentment we've never known.


We erase the lines.

We are riveted in awe of space.

We undo the boundaries, bring the pieces together.

We see the true size of ourselves and are humbled beyond belief.

We connect the days, the years, and allow our unique and beautiful selves to emerge in true expression.

We blend with each other in the honest experience of this amazingly brief existence and are truly compassionate.

We allow our bodies the magnificent gift of health, free of unnecessary additives.

We see the unity between us and all of everything and the fear, the separation, disappear in a puff.

New Tracks

Recording tracks in the shed for a new album, working title, "Side Trip".  Mostly fun stuff.  Definitely fun to write.  More about this soon.

The Year

2015 was a terrific year for my music!  More people all over the world are listening to my songs than ever before.  I've had some very successful live shows and a big response to live videos I've posted on YouTube and Facebook.  Thank you to all of you who listen and let me know what you think, when you get a chance.  Have an amazing 2016!


3 new videos of my songs are now on YouTube and on my Facebook page:

1.  A song from a live performance of Pockets, "Out of Pocket", recorded at the Hudson Theatre in Hollywood on November 23, 2014.

2.  "The Periphery" from my review, Passing Through.

3.  "Can't Take It In" from my album Pianosophy.

You can find these at: Darien's YouTube Videos


Rockaxeon Conceived

I've begun sketches for a new album project,  Rockaxeon, an epic rock poem about the Rose Quartz Ax, found in The Pit of Bones at Atapuerca, Spain in 1998.  I am collaborating with life-long musician partners Paul Johannes and Peter May.  More about this soon.  Peace and Compassion, Darien. 

Pockets now at Hudson Theatre in Hollywood

Pockets is now running at The Hudson Theatre in Hollywood, Sundays at 7 PM.

Nov. 9th is SOLD OUT.

Pockets Opens in Hollywood

Pockets opens at The Hudson Mainstage Theatre in Hollywood on Sunday, November 2, 2014 and runs on Sundays @7 PM through December 7.  It would be great to see you there!

Mile High Cafe in Idyllwild

I will be performing at Mile High Cafe in Idyllwild Aug 16 & 17 @6 pm.  26600 Hwy 243 951-659-2008.  No cover but this is the weekend of Jazz in the Pines and reservations are a good idea.

Pockets #1 on Amazon

My new album, Pockets, reached the #1 position on the Amazon Hot New Releases and has remained in the top 20 for the past couple of weeks.  Thanks to all of you for listening to my music!

Pockets Charts on Amazon

My latest album, "Pockets" charted today on Amazon Hot New Releases in Folk Rock!  If you haven't listened to it yet, I'd love to hear what you think.  If you have, thank you for helping make this happen!

Pockets Release

My latest album, "Pockets" is now in production and will be released May 24th.  I will be performing some of the songs this Sunday, 5/11 @ 7 PM in a benefit for the Teen Yoga Program, 458 S. Palm Canyon, Palm Springs.  I will have a handful of prerelease CD s for sale at the event.  

We Are Mountains FREE Download

As of today, you can download "Love" from my most recent CD, We Are Mountains, from the "We Are Mountains FREE Download" page on this site.  "Love" has had thousands of hits and streams on internet radio and has been my most popular song for the past few months.  


Into editing tracks for "Pockets".  Having a blast....what can I say?

Recording Tracks

Into making tracks for "Pockets", my next album project...didn't plan to be doing this now, while I'm performing and releasing and promoting "We Are Mountains",...but we used to say, It's what's happening!


Pockets are always with us when we're dressed.  They carry some of our most important things.  They are private, hidden spaces.  Our hands are in and out of them and sometimes just hang inside.  Their contents reveal what matters to us; what we need with us.  My new album project, working title, "Pockets", is a concept album based on this idea.  At this point, I've discovered tons of songs, many already finished, some still sketches.  What do you put into your pockets?  

Song writing blast

A blast of new song ideas...pockets full of lyrics...dozens of tunes, rhythms, styles...a great shot of song writing...really the best part of it all for me.  So...I enjoy the ride!  More about this later...but it's all about pockets.

practice, practice...

Merry Christmas to you!  Spending very pleasant hours practicing for my upcoming solo performances...hope to see you at Mile High Cafe in Idyllwild on Sunday, 12/29 @ 7 PM.  It's free but not many seats left...reservations... 951-659-2008

Idyllwild show Dec 29

Mile High Cafe in Idyllwild...a beautiful mountain restaurant with yummy and well priced food...(the sushi is amazing and the best for miles around!)...not to mention a terrific grand piano that I get to play and sing "We Are Mountains"....Sunday, December 29 @ 7 PM.  It's free but seating is limited so reservations are a good idea!  951-659-2008.

Show Tonight

I will be playing all the songs from my new album, "We Are Mountains", tonight, 11/29/13...just me and a piano!  The Guitar Merchant, Canoga Park, CA, 8 PM.  Love to see you there!

We Are Mountains Available

My new album, We Are Mountains is a "one man, one piano" voyage into the land between art song and rock.  Each of the songs is the result of a single song writing session, a single piano take and a single vocal take.  It is my goal to achieve a listening experience that closely resembles that of the creation and performance of each piece.  When you listen you'll have to let me know how that works for you!

The album is now available at and in a few days it will be up at iTunes, amazon, rhapsody, spotify et al.


Performance Tonight

I will be performing tonight, just me and a piano, song from my new album, "We Are Mountains" at 25525 Tahquitz Drive, Idyllwild 92549, 6:30 PM.

"We Are Mountains", my 5th album, released today.

Should be up on iTunes and most internet music retailers in the next few days.  I will be performing some of the songs solo in Idyllwild 10/11/13 6:30 PM, 25525 Tahquitz Drive.

free download: Pianosophy

The title track from my CD Pianosophy is available to  FREE from a page  this site.  Go to the link and listen.  Tell me what you think.

Pianosophy Available

My new album, "Pianosophy" is now available on itunes, amazon, and most other internet retailers.  The physical CD is available at

Pianosophy Released

My latest CD, "Pianosophy", was released as of 12/12/12.  It will be available on itunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and most other internet retailers within the next few days.  Actual Cds are available at  I am excited to be finished with this project that I began over 2 years ago and I look forward to hearing what you think!

Getting Close

the new album is nearing completion....11 tracks as of today....sending to a few trusted sets of ears...Paul Johannes, an old friend and colaborator from way back has been listening and providing LOADS of great suggestions, most of which i am implementing.  at this point, i'd say it should be finished in the next few weeks..but, then again...=O) 


*it is a kind of madness that takes me over when i am working on music
*i seem to enter a mental space in which all i hear are the phrases, the melodies, the rhythms of my songs
*everything else around me fades, or comes into focus, i'm not sure which...
*it seems "right" to be doing what i'm doing
*clock time seems totally out of whack
*i have to force myself to stop and take breaks for sleep, meals, exercise, people!
*when i bump into someone i know they say something like, "are you okay?" which seems so odd because i feel so great!

Making tracks

Recorded many vocal tracks for the new album.  Takingshape.

yes, well

I haven't posted here in a few months(?!).  What's up with that?  No excuses....I am currently working on my new album, "Pianosophy".  Tracking and still writing songs...although I have too many already!!  Maybe this will be 2 CDs..or..what we used to call "a double album"....=o)....never know...never know...I am trying to keep it loose and let the project unfold in its own way and time.  Really has been over a year since I began it.  I am considering posting songs one by one on my website as I am working, having the album released in pieces.  What do you think?

Hope everyone is having a great summer!  Conact me with your thoughts, questions, ideas...


Amazing how many people are coming to this site from all over the world!  February is already the number one month EVER for traffic to  Most listened to tracks are:  1. Grand Pop, 2. California Nights, 3. Black Smoke, 4. Jack and Jill.  All four songs receiving thousands of hits in February so far!  You live in USA, Russia, Italy, Isreal, Canada, Mexico,and dozens of other places around the planet. Thank you to all who come to listen!  Let me know your thoughts in the guestbook if you wish to.  xxoo, Darien

Bump in Traffic!

whoa!  huge increase in traffic to my website recently...i am glad that so many of you come here to listen to my music from Russia, USA, Turkey, China, India, Mexico, Canada, and so many other places around the world.  Thank you for coming to listen.  My song, "Black Smoke" from my CD, Grand Pop, is being featured on Jango internet radio, a FREE site where you can design your own radio station and decide what artists you want to listen to.  Indie artists from all over the world upload their music to Jango and get played by thousands of new listeners each month.

Thank You !

Thank you to all of you who come to my site and listen to my music!  2011 has been, by far, the biggest year ever in terms of visitors here.  You come from every continent on the globe (with the exception of Antarctica, anybody there?!)  I am happy that you come and listen and I hope to hear from you all via the guestbook.  Or, feel free to email me if you want and let me know what you think.  Here's to peace in 2012!


My song, "Blsck Smoke" is currently being featured on Jango, the free internet radio service.  If you happen to listen to "Black Smoke" on Jango, you might want to make a comment and/or become of fan of the song.  Maybe?  =O) 

radio promotion

My CD, "Grand Pop" is being promoted to some AAA (Adult Album Alternative) radio stations...If you listen to such a station and like my album, a phone call from you to the station might make a difference..I'm just saying...

Been awhile...

been awhile since my last entry here

new cd of songs coming together

songs center around piano and some of my current ways of thinking about cd title is "pianosophy" as is possible title track

several songs (too many actually) in the sketch phase.  mostly uptempo danceable positive messages

many inspired by dreams or ideas that occured just as i woke up

Not Alone Anymore Released

This album is a collection of recordings that I made early in my life and includes songs that many of you might recognize including, "Duel", "What Am I To Do", "California Nights", 10 songs in total. Most of these recordings were originally demos that were tossed around the LA music world while I nervously obsessed about what would happen to them! A few made it to somewhat dizzying heights but none have, to date, been recorded by anyone but figured it was time to set them loose. After assembling the album, I roped my friend and former student, Stefan Colson into remastering them; giving the songs a bigger, more present sound, without changing the original mixes. The result is "Not Alone Anymore" and the CD is now available at itunes, cdbaby,, and most other online music retailers. Of course, you also know that all the tracks, as well as much of my other recorded music, is available FREE to listen or download from my website, as well.




New stuff

Have begun writing some new material: several songs in the making that are uptempo, positive messages, piano centered...enjoying the process of heading out in a new direction. Thanks to all of you who come to listen to my music! Thanks also for adding your comments to the Guestbook. Happy July, everyone!

Solstice's summer. i have time to work on new music. several ideas for a collection of songs that are uptempo, optimistic/philosophical, piano/vocal/dance, major keys. more thoughts in time. Happy Solstice everyone! Thanks for listening to my music!


Yes...HOURS of my recorded music is here for you to listen to or download FREE! I hope you enjoy it and feel free to download it for playing again.


Welcome to all of you who come to listen and download my music! If you want to post a comment or entry to the guestbook, your thoughts will then appear on the guestbook page for others to read.

Tops in Pops

#1 listened to song on my website this month: "Grand Pop". Thankx to all who come to listen! Great hearing from all of you by email or the guestbook!


Skiing Mammoth mountain for a few days. Working very hard on windburn, sore legs and an empty mind.

two thousand eleven

happy new year to all of you..and thank you for listening to my music!! 2010 was the year that more people than ever heard my songs and compositions and that's thanks to all of you from all over the planet! your listening encourages and inspires me to continue!! i enjoy hearing from feel free to shoot me an email or add to the guestbook, ok?

Now This

Rain, not snow, yet Wet shoes, coats piled up at the door Presents in bags in the trunk Vacation days stretching out Dinners, parties, traffic Cards, packages and lines at the Post Office Phone calls, voices, words Families, friends, affection Memories of Christmases And now this.

Not Alone Up

Spent a good portion of the day converting the new "Not Alone Anymore" remastered tracks to hi-fi mp3s and uploading them to the they are!! There are lyrics included with all the songs now as well. None of the original mixes were changed in any way...but, my friend Stefan Colson lent his great ears and gave the tracks a bigger, more balanced sound. Finally, I have changed the track order too. I'd really like to hear what you think, especially those of you who have been familiar with these songs for awhile. Enjoy!


My Cd of love songs, "Not Alone Anymore" continues to be very popular and is now being remastered. Within the next few weeks, it will be re-uploaded to this site in its new incarnation and will also become available to purchase as a CD on CD Baby as well as itunes, Napster, and other music sites.

Checking In

It's great that so many are discovering or rediscovering my music here on this site. The number of people that come here every month just keeps growing. Many of you have connected with me by email or the guestbook, but many of you haven't. I see so many visitors from places all over the world and I really enjoy hearing what you have to say! Feel free to let me know what you're thinking!

Music Sites

Darien's latest CD, "Grand Pop" can now be found on itunes, napster, amazon, rhapsody and most other music sites.  If you wish to purchse a CD, they are available from amazon, cdbaby and many other online music sites.

Beach Germ

Spent 4 days at the beach, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, just swimming, running, reading on the sand.  Loved it.  Germ of an idea for my next CD project forming.

Actual CDs anyone?

Hi everyone!  If you are interested in purchasing an actual CD of either "Grand Pop" or "Now" both are available from or through  mp3s are available from itunes, rhapsody, and most major online mp3 services...OR, you can download them FREE from the music page on this site, of course.

Long time...

no entry!  been road tripping across the US for a few weeks..16 states, 6,000 miles on my car, 18 different hotel rooms, who knows how many restaurants, 2 family reunions and a college reunion, some performing but mostly not, thousands of amazingly beautiful scenes:  mountains, corn fields, barns, cows, rivers, lakes, beaches, old houses, great little towns, what can I say?  My head, it spins....

Release Concert for Grand Pop

Release Concert for Grand Pop was a couple days ago.  I really enjoyed performing these songs for you people that came.  Thanks alot for being there!

Hiking Symphony

Until now, there have only been excerpts from my "Hiking Symphony" here on this website, but now, it's ALL here..thanks to increased space on the! 

Release Concert : Grand Pop

Saturday, May 15, 2010

8 PM

Ignition Coffee House

123 N. Palm Canyon Dr.

Downtown Palm Springs, CA

No cover; 1 drink minimum

Hello, World!

You are visiting my site and listening to my music all over the World! 

As of today, here are the top places in which you live, in order of numbers:

USA, Russian Federation, Mexico, France, Japan, Germany, Luxembourg, Moldova, Brazil, India, Poland, Seychelles, Serbia, Italy, Montserrat, Romania, WOW!!

Tops songs being downloaded, in order of popularity are:

I'm Holding Out, Back to You, California Nights, I Look at You, all from my CD, "Not Alone Anymore"

I'd enjoy your comments in the guestbook page, if you wish!

I hope you give a listen to my newest CD, Grand Pop.  It's here.  Free, of course!



Traffic to my site has skyrocketed since "Grand Pop" was uploaded and many of you have been so great with your positive comments.  It means alot!!  Thank you all!!!  Time to relax for a bit, ya think?

(Up)Loaded and Ready!

Grand Pop is here!  Lyrics and album art are here too.  Check it out and let me know your thoughts!


Grand Pop mp3s being uploaded tomorrow to the site.  Thank you all for being patient as I compulsively nit-picked each track, again and again!!  All the lyrics are coming up too.  Please let me know what you think.

Done-da-done-done DONE

well, Grand Pop is now finished!!  woo hooo!!  it will be up on my website in a few days...thnkx for being patient and i hope you enjoy the new tracks. 

Grand Pop is a quasi-historical, autobiographical, satirical, pop concept album.  It was inspired when an aquaintence remarked, "during the Cold War, we had doo-wop to occupy our minds".  This seemed like a good idea for a song...hence, the song "Cold War".  Then I realized that this same idea could apply to several genres of pop music from the 1960s and the songs on the album began to take shape. 

I hope that you take the time to listen to my new album, download any tracks you want, share them with others and maybe let me know what you think about them.  Enjoy!!!


Yes, Master!

i enjoy the mastering phase of a CD and Grand Pop is going through it now.  some things are being changed on a few of the songs, and i redid the background vocals on 3 of the tracks, (of course, i get to be my own background singers!), but other than that, the project is very close to completion.  i have one more step that i want to do and that's to give the master to some trusted fellow pairs of ears for comments and suggestions. 

thnkx to all of you all over the globe who are listening to my songs!  i am thrilled that my album "not alone anymore" is getting a new audience!  and thnkx to all of you who have contacted me with your comments via email and the guestbook. 


not alone..somemore!

it is very great that so many of you are downloading songs from my cd "not alone anymore".  the song "california nights", which is just me and piano, is the most popular track.  i have a "just me and piano" track on my upcoming CD, Grand Pop, also, entitled, "Jack and Jill".  finishing Grand Pop is a demanding project, but it is coming soon.  it is currently at the mastering stage.

holiday hours

a great 2010 to everyone, everywhere!  thnkx to you all for listening to my songs.  i had some big days in the past week or so to finish the grand pop mixes..almost ready!!  


christmas, everyone.  thank you for listening to my songs. 

ears at work

listening, editing, rewriting (ok?), Grand Pop tracks coming along closer now.....


i gotta say, it is thrilling to see that there are people all over the world: russia, hungary, czech republic, china, india, germany, the USofA, austria, seychelles, downloading and listening to my music.  i feel a real sense of responsibilty to deliver the best i can with my new collectiion, grand pop.  thnkx so much to all of you!  thnkx for your messages! 

additions to my site..more music!!

most of you have noticed, i think, but just in case you haven't:

my entire CD "not alone anymore" is here on the music's a collection of love songs.   (most popular song: "i'm holding out")

my entire digital sample soundscape piece, "iron john" is also on the music can listen to the whole story online or download it to enjoy whenever.  (most popular track:  "the wedding feast")

and, of course, "lucius the lobster" is on the music page too!  (most popular song:  "salt and pepper")

please feel free to contact me with your comments, thoughts, at or via the guestbook.

if you want to recieve an email when my CD, Grand Pop is finished, please join the mailing list!


music isn't something you can's invisible, fleeting,and alive!

not gonna make it

Grand Pop is not gonna make it by Nov. 1, what can I say?  There are so many decisions yet to be made and just not enough time to make them...soooo....what I think I'm going to do is put each track up as I finish them, (some are done already) since it is so easy to do it that way...let me know what YOU think.


it's that point in a project (grand pop) when i think:  what is this CD about, anyhow?  takes me back to the original concept: pop songs similar to a particular era that also comment on the time period..AND autobiographical pieces into the mix as well.  then wondering:  is this clear?  maybe include some explaination somehow?

tracks done

all the tracks for grand pop to edit, mix

Rebuild, renew, refresh!

working away on the new website...mostly excited about switching to HostBaby...they are obviously more music friendly and easy to create and update...hopeful that all of you who are interested in my music continue to stop by and download my songs...hey...all you peoples in russia who have been snagging tracks from "Now"...WOW! thousands of you! thnkx and hope you continue to enjoy the songs...hit me up via the guestbook.

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