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Grand Pop

The Aquarian Age

Darien Martus
Music and Lyrics by Darien Martus, ASCAP


We thought we were seeing the light

But we were incredibly high

We’d alter our consciousness

Nothing would bother us

With Lucy and her Diamonds

In the Sky

In the sky

While we were expanding our minds

Our parents were paying the fines

When we got arrested then even the best of us

Left incense and peppermints behind

Left them behind

We thought all we needed was Love

As long as we had the good stuff

As long as it lasted and them when we crashed

It was gone, gone, gone, gone

Some girl who thought she could fly

Became a sidewalk pie

And some guy who thought he was Jesus…

Now what we Aquarians had

Wasn’t just a passing fad

Maybe we shouldn’t have

Maybe we couldn’t have

Thrown out the good stuff

With the bad

Good with the bad

Those ancient and permanent truths

That lit up the fires of our youth

Can’t be denied

We still have them inside

They go on and on and

Maybe we really could soar

And the drugs were some kind of door

And maybe within us we are Divine

Now that the Aquarian Age

Is and old and yellowing page

If we did it over could we do it sober and clean?

Know what I mean?