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Grand Pop

Jack and Jill

Darien Martus
Music and Lyrics by Darien Martus, ASCAP


Jack was a boy of 7

In 1958

On his way to heaven

When someone closed the gate

Saying 7 was the season

Life was closing in

He’d reached the age of reason

And understood his sin

Jack fell down and broke his crown

His shining soul was shattered

Oh it’s a fact

He heard it crack

And his heart

Came tumbling after

Jill was just 11

In 1962

On her way to heaven

When womanhood shone through

Now her body takes her over

Love had come to stay

Jack is coming over

And childhood drops away

Jack and Jill went up the hill

With all the sons and daughters

And stories tell that by that well

They shared a pail of Water

What do you think they found there?

What were they looking for?

Life or Love or all the above?

Or was it something more?

Jack was almost 18

In 1969

Already tired and aching

With so much on his mind

And Jill she’s there beside him

And I’m told she Loves him still

Hand in his she guides him

Still heading up the hill

Oh, Jack might fall but don’t we all?

And Jill might tumble after

But they won’t stop ‘till they reached the top

To share a pail of Water